Preparing to Implement CRM Software

There are numerous benefits to having your organization implement CRM software like Salesforce. Salesforce offers excellent functionality, customization options, and it is easy to use. Unfortunately, implementing Salesforce into your business is not as simple as purchasing the package and plugging it in. There are many steps your company needs to take in order to […]

3 Signs You’re Using Salesforce Wrong

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications are powerful tools that are capable of bringing a business to the next level. They need to be understood, implemented, and customized correctly in order to be put to good use though, and not every company is successful in rolling it out. Critics of Salesforce are quick to blame the […]

Should Your Business Use CRM?

Whether you run a massive multinational enterprise or a small local business, you’ve probably heard about the power of CRM. From dominant CRM platforms like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to free open source software like SuiteCRM, there are many viable options out there to streamline your sales and simplify your business process. If you’re on […]