3 Signs You’re Using Salesforce Wrong

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications are powerful tools that are capable of bringing a business to the next level. They need to be understood, implemented, and customized correctly in order to be put to good use though, and not every company is successful in rolling it out. Critics of Salesforce are quick to blame the solution itself, but a number of different factors dictate the success or failure of Salesforce implementation. The following are three signs that you may not be using Salesforce to its full potential:

Your employees are not trained

It should go without saying, but if your salespeople and marketers don’t know to use Salesforce and are going in blind, it’s unrealistic to think they will make proper use of it. A development and deployment plan needs to be created and followed before you unroll any large piece of new software. A CRM consulting firm like mBlazonry can help guide you through implementing Salesforce successfully. We will show you how the CRM can improve workflow, customize Salesforce to fit your specific business and train your employee to properly use all the available features.

The wrong deployment was chosen

If you went ahead and chose key Salesforce customization options before conducting a thorough review of each choice, you may have made some incorrect choices. Businesses need to analyze each available feature and then identify what their long-term objectives are. If the goal is to allow clear communication between customers and marketers, then purchasing the Salesforce Community Cloud is a smart decision, for example.

You did not customize it to work for you

Salesforce is a hugely powerful software, but it’s also massive and has so many different functions that it’s easy to get lost. It needs to be divided and tailored to help you work towards your own individual business goals. If you don’t know how to tailor it for your business, it is a smart idea to hire a Salesforce consultant. They can help train your employees to know what features are the most effective and how to use them. They can also help you customize the tools found in Salesforce and get them to match your workflow.

Make Salesforce work for you by contacting a Salesforce consulting firm like mBlazonry. We can assist you with CRM implementation, consultation, and customization to help your business get the most out of this powerful application.