4 Problems Solved Thanks to Skuid

Running your business through a CRM platform like Salesforce is one of the best decisions you can make to help organize your client relations and put your company in a position to succeed. However, you may run into problems that conflict with your business’ ability to maximize return on investment. Fortunately, Skuid is a way to customize Salesforce interfaces that can significantly reduce or eliminate these issues:

Goals Not Met

When you implement CRM, you expect certain goals to be achieved. These goals will differ from business to business, but generally you would expect to reduce manual tasks, increase collaboration and teamwork, and improve organization. With all of your important client data in one place, you should be able to do everything better and faster. If this hasn’t happened for your business, the Skuid UI toolkit may be the right solution. Speak with a Skuid consultant to find out how Skuid can reorganize Salesforce to actually work for the needs and structure of your business.

Not Enough Adoption

It can be frustrating when you invest in a CRM platform but your workers do not adopt the system. It is important to investigate why they aren’t making use of the system. Skuid has solutions which improve the user experience and increase satisfaction. When your user interface is simplified and tailored to meet the desires of the users, you are sure to increase engagement and start getting Salesforce to work for your business.

Doesn’t Align with Business Processes

You shouldn’t have to reorganize your business processes to match Salesforce’s organization structure, it should be the other way around. You want Salesforce to match the way your company does business and the way your team works at every individual stage, from prospecting leads to closing sales to managing the client project. A Skuid consultant can customize Salesforce to seamlessly fit into your business and enhance your processes, not disrupt them.

Lack of Mobile Use

One of Salesforce’s strengths is that it is a secure cloud-based platform, meaning you can safely access your client data from the office, but also at home or on a mobile device. If your sales team are not using Salesforce when they are on-the-go, your business is missing a big opportunity to stay organized and keep your entire team connected. Skuid customizations can ensure your entire sales team has everything they need to record calls, track visits, and monitor opportunities.

If your company has run into some roadblocks with default Salesforce implementation, it’s time to customize your setup with the help of a Skuid consultant.