A 5 Step Plan to Drive Mobile App Adoption

Enterprises all across Canada have adopted the concept of mobility and SaaS development. However, without the right implementation, all of that wise investment in custom enterprise app development may be in vain. Even with exceptional functionality and killer UI, it doesn’t mean much if the users don’t adopt the enterprise app. The build and the launch are just two elements in what should be a detailed and well-considered implementation strategy. With that in mind, here is a five-step plan to drive adoption for your custom enterprise app:

Create a Plan

When you are designing a custom enterprise app, the plan for the launch and implementation should also be developed. Through the development process, you will ask questions about what problems you are trying to solve, how this will improve productivity, and how it will increase ROI. If you want to drive user adoption, you should also place a big focus on ease of use or at least arrange training.

Think About the Customer

When it comes to external mobile apps, of course customers are the end users. But with internal enterprise apps, your staff are basically the customers of the app. With that in mind, you should account for the needs and desires of the end users through the design process. Let a group of users test out a beta version of the app and take their feedback into account.

Launch Campaign

For a customer-facing mobile app, you will want to launch a marketing campaign to increase awareness and drive downloads. The principle doesn’t differ too much for employee-facing apps. Educate your employees about the uses and functions of the app to encourage adoption.


Enlisting the assistance of a custom enterprise app developer like mBlazonry will increase the likelihood that you maximize adoption right from the start. Even then, you must be open to further customizations and modifications to match the changing needs of your employees and evolving desires of your customers. Keep your developer on speed-dial to stay relevant as your business scales.

Leverage Analytics

Don’t leave yourself in the dark about the performance of your app, either internally or in the Apple or Google app stores. Both locations offer the ability to measure user engagement, evaluate marketing campaigns, and track monetization, so make use of it.

For more advice about mobile app adoption and the process of custom enterprise app development, give us a call. It’s time to embark on the path toward maximized productivity and profitability.