Preparing to Implement CRM Software

There are numerous benefits to having your organization implement CRM software like Salesforce. Salesforce offers excellent functionality, customization options, and it is easy to use. Unfortunately, implementing Salesforce into your business is not as simple as purchasing the package and plugging it in. There are many steps your company needs to take in order to prepare for and properly implement Salesforce. We have provided you with four key points to consider before you begin implementing Salesforce CRM into your business:

Educate yourself about the product

It’s very important to learn about Salesforce and research the AppExchange directory of products before beginning implementation. Knowing exactly what is out there and available to you will allow you to take full advantage of the CRM’s capabilities. There are a number of non-profit packages available to charities, for example.

Implement at the right time

You should time your implementation so there will be at least three months for your staff to get accustomed to Salesforce before the busiest part of their year begins. You don’t want your staff scrambling to learn a new system while they are swamped with the rest of their work. Your customers will benefit from this as well, as they will receive the same level of service they have come to expect when they need it most.

Get leadership to buy-in

You need to get support from the highest levels of leadership in your company before proceeding with implementation. Without their support, you will have difficulty securing the resources needed to complete a successful implementation. Let them know the weaknesses of your current system and how Salesforce can address these issues. If there is an executive that is not on board, you should help them understand the potential for growth Salesforce provides your business.

Clean up your data

Is your database in disarray? Is it littered with outdated or incorrect data? These kind of data issues can overwhelm even the best-planned implementations. Cleaning up your current database is a must before transferring to a new CRM product. You don’t want to add more hardship to your users while they learn to use the new product.

If you are considering implementing Salesforce into your organization, you should contact a CRM consulting firm like mBlazonry today. We will help guide you through implementation and customization to ensure the best results for your business in terms of efficiency, productivity, and return on investment.