Skuid Brings Salesforce to the Next Level

When you invest in Salesforce, you’re putting your company in a position to succeed. Salesforce can help you grow your business and reach your company goals, but why stop there? Skuid is a toolkit that allows you to customize Salesforce to match your company workflow and enhance the user experience. Simply put, Skuid brings Salesforce to the next level.


You want to be able to customize Salesforce to match your business processes, but what happens if you don’t know about writing Apex or test code? We can customize Salesforce to display the data you need, and you don’t need to worry about any behind-the-scenes coding. Connect your data easily with point-and-click creation for SOQL queries using Skuid Models. Create conditionally rendered elements on the user interface. Squirrel away relevant related information into popups, drawers, and collapsible sections and tabs. Display everything you need and nothing you don’t, so your users are connected directly to the most relevant information.


We can customize Salesforce by assembling your user interface in a way that best matches your business processes. Skuid allows you to drag and drop more than twenty user interface components on your pages and panels, so you get exactly the information you need with no filler. Whether you need to upload important files, create a dynamic queue, boost communication with a social chatter feed, or assign mobile touch actions, every component can be assembled to suit your requirements.


From employee assignments to client data and opportunity records, your company has a lot of user interface requirements to manage. Skuid allows you to assign custom UIs (Skuid pages) by the profile, user, record type, and organization default. You can, if the need requires it, create a page specific to a record type and user profile. You can deploy Skuid pages only to one profile. Skuid pages can be imported and exported within Salesforce Static Resources.


Creating a customized Salesforce UI is just the first step. If any tweaks or adjustments are needed, we can adapt the entire platform to create a killer user experience. With simple inline editing, you can rearrange, filter, calculate, combine, and list all of your data to find what you need and power your business. Make Salesforce work for you with customization through Skuid.

At mBlazonry, we are certified Skuid developers who customize Salesforce to transform your business. If you want to accelerate adoption, boost collaboration, improve productivity, and increase return on investment, contact us now to get started.