The Future of Cloud App Development

If you have not yet migrated your business processes to the cloud, you’re at risk of being left behind by your competitors. Cloud apps are revolutionizing the way people do business, and you’d be wise to tap into its vast potential. Consider these persuasive predictions about the future of cloud app development:

More App Availability

More and more software is being built specifically for the cloud. The technology experts at the American IT research and advisory firm Gartner predict that by next year alone, about 25% of all applications will have cloud availability. Even with this increased prevalence, the standard settings of most existing cloud apps aren’t perfect. If existing cloud services don’t quite match your business processes, we can help. We customize existing cloud apps, and we also develop custom cloud software-as-a-service (SAAS) apps to streamline your business practices and create solutions.

Growing Cloud Market

Cloud app adoption has experienced unprecedented growth in the past three or four years, and this only continues. In fact, enterprise software consistently has the strongest growth of any IT sector, according to Gartner’s Worldwide IT Spending Forecast. What does this mean for you? It means your competitors are recognizing the value of the cloud and have started to migrate, and so should you. Any company road map that doesn’t account for continued growth in enterprise software fails to identify a major opportunity.

More App Development

The vast majority of software developers do not currently develop for the cloud, but this is quickly changing. At mBlazonry, we are at the forefront of cloud app development and pride ourselves on creating leading edge technological solutions that may be overlooked by software developers stuck in an old way of thinking. Whether it’s a UI toolkit like Skuid or a custom builder like Salesforce1 Lightning, these point-and-click app development tools are revolutionizing the business world.

More Innovation

As more businesses and developers start to recognize the value of cloud apps, competition in the sector only increases. Competition is the impetus behind some of the greatest innovations in technological history, and it’s no different with cloud apps. Cloud apps have a rapid pace of innovation, and mBlazonry is a leading contributor in the field of creative and collaborative cloud app development.

Take advantage of the incredible potential of cloud app development and harness its power to benefit your business. Contact mBlazonry for consultation and development of custom cloud apps.