The Growing Importance of Custom Cloud Apps in Sales

Nowadays, it’s not just a harried salesman scribbling notes with pen and paper that looks outdated. Trying to get through a meeting typing notes on a laptop or waiting for a browser-based platform to load will soon seem like an equally outdated method of organizing your sales information.

Sales professionals in the know are turning to custom cloud apps on their smartphones and tablets to organize customer information and streamline the sales funnel. Custom cloud apps are quickly becoming invaluable tools to power the sales process, and you don’t want to be left behind. Here are some key reasons why custom cloud apps are becoming increasing important for successful sales teams all over Canada:

The Power of Automation

The market research firm IDC Canada predicts that companies who prioritize investment in internal mobile enterprise applications will be rewarded with a measurable boost in collaboration and productivity. This is because custom apps can be used to eliminate manual tasks and create a more fluid and synchronized sales process. A custom cloud app developer can audit your sales process and create an enterprise app that automates the daily tasks that are the most time-consuming and inefficient. As a result, your sales professionals can manage leads and existing clients more effectively, and your business will bypass competitors stuck in their old ways.

Growing Skill & Knowledge Base

A few years ago, only the largest companies with the deepest coffers were able to contemplate developing a custom app to serve their business processes. Nowadays, it’s equally viable to customize existing software or to commission a developer to create a custom cloud app designed specifically for your business. Custom cloud app developers like mBlazonry place an emphasis on creativity and collaboration. They take pride in continually updating their knowledge and staying on top of developments in the industry, and then applying those new discoveries to the benefit of clients.

Mobile Sales Team

Take stock of where your company has been and where it’s headed, and you’ll probably come to the same conclusion that countless sales professionals across Canada have realized: mobility is everything. Sales teams have been unchained from the landline phone or desktop computer, and it’s about time you invested in enterprise apps that reflect this revolution in sales. Your sales team needs to be able to take meaningful actions on-the-go, from logging calls and landing leads to closing deals and tracking contacts. If existing apps don’t quite cut how your company does business, it’s time to invest in a custom enterprise app.

A custom cloud app developer like mBlazonry creates custom Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) apps at a fraction of the cost of traditional services. Contact us today if you’re ready to maximize the efficiency and productivity of your sales team.