Unlocking the Secrets of Highly Productive Salespeople

How can you become more productive, follow a more efficient sales process, and close more leads? Follow in the footsteps of the most highly productive salespeople out there, and you’re on the right track:

Organizing Your Day

Successful salespeople go into each and every day with a plan:

  • At the beginning of the week or the night before, chart out a rough schedule to follow. This will help you avoid procrastination, and prevent tasks from falling through the cracks.
  • The ideal interval for maximum productivity is about 90 minutes. Power through for just an hour and a half, and then take a short break to recharge your focus, concentration, alertness, and speed.
  • According to a Salesforce study, it takes 64 seconds to get back on track after an email interruption. Considering businesspeople send and receive an average of 121 emails per day, that amounts to more than two hours of disruption every day. Highly productive salespeople turn off their email notifications when working on an important task, and don’t check that inbox until the task at hand is done.
  • Interruptions are more than disruptive – they also increase your likelihood of making an error. If you can’t control your own impulses, consider investing in a distraction-blocking app to close access to social media or certain

Sticking to Your Schedule

Highly productive salespeople have an efficient schedule, and they stick to it.

  • Calculate how much time you need to devote to prospecting. Set this time block aside every day to generate a constant flow of leads for yourself. Even if you’re very busy right now, that well will quickly dry up if you don’t replenish it.
  • Administrative tasks are a necessary evil. Every day, you should devote a certain amount of time to processing sales paperwork, handling customer issues, and sending follow-up emails. A CRM platform like Salesforce can help you manage and execute these administrative tasks so you stay ahead of the game, and Salesforce consultation can take it to the next level.
  • Highly productive salespeople do their best work in the morning. Commit your morning hours for intensive work, and save the meetings for afternoon time slots.

How CRM Can Help

Highly productive salespeople don’t do it alone – they use CRM software like Salesforce to augment their sales process. CRM can be used to organize your day, identify promising leads, and manage your existing customer relationships. At mBlazonry we offer professional Salesforce consultation for all your needs. From initial implementation to complex customization, we can help you unlock the secrets of the most productive and efficient salespeople out there.