Why Should Your Company Choose mBlazonry?

For your company to stand out from the competition, having great customer service and a worthy product or service is no longer enough. You know that enterprise apps are helping to power successful businesses everywhere you go, but when their preset settings don’t align with your company’s workflow patterns, it can be hard for your employees to get on board. That’s where mBlazonry comes in. We build custom SAAS apps on the force.com platform at a fraction of the traditional cost to help your company succeed in a competitive marketplace. We also use Skuid to make a custom experience quickly and at a much lower cost than other solutions.

Improve Adoption

There’s nothing worse than investing in pricey enterprise apps and cloud services that are supposed to transform your business, yet finding out employees don’t even use them. When you team up with mBlazonry, we will work with you to create custom solutions that actually match your company’s workflow. When your apps align with the way you do business, you are sure to see an increase in adoption. We will simplify the user interface and personalize apps to better suit your company. When customized to empower your users, there is no doubt that you will increase adoption of your enterprise apps.

Strengthen Organization

If you want to compete with the big players in your field, you need to have the organization in place to accommodate growth. We can create custom SAAS apps that not only match your current needs, but have the flexibility to be adjusted to accommodate your new requirements as your business expands.

Save Time

When you’re running a business, you want to spend time focusing on providing great service and delivering customer satisfaction. Every second that you spend trying to navigate cloud apps that aren’t user friendly is a second wasted. Likewise, you don’t have time to wait around endlessly for slow and costly services to create SAAS apps for your company. With mBlazonry, you don’t have to worry about either situation. We work fast to deliver custom solutions so you can do what you do best.

Increase ROI

Traditional services which customize cloud apps do not just take up a lot of time, they also eat up a lot of money. The services offered by mBlazonry are a cost-effective way to power your business without breaking the bank. With customized solutions at a fraction of the cost of other options, you can dramatically improve your return on investment.

Don’t let your company get lost in the shuffle. At mBlazonry, we work with you to create killer custom solutions for cloud apps to improve the daily user experience for everyone in your company.