Ottawa-based mblazonry, a world-leader in optimizing employee efficiencies in SaaS products has won an Algonquin College competition that is seeing four Algonquin students receive hands on experience.

They are working on an atomic design style guide for Skuid, the product that enables mblazonry to provide unique services when partnered with other products like Salesforce. The company is growing rapidly and the students will be learning important skills in their future careers in web media and design.

Pat Vachon, CEO of mblazonry says, “As a former Algonquin student, I learned the foundations of technology and I am enjoying giving workplace experience to these students while building and implementing an important tool that will help us grow even faster.”

As student Jack Garrard says, “Our experience working with mBlazonry has provided us an excellent opportunity to not only expand our knowledge base, but to delve into a market on the cutting-edge. We have no doubt that the skills developed throughout this project will be invaluable to us upon graduation.

At mblazonry Pat Vachon hopes to teach the students about building custom solutions that work for his clients while respecting and protecting their budgets and needs. Pat says, “We are building the best SaaS UX implementation company in the world with the highest concentration of Skuid certified professionals outside of Skuid itself.”

About mblazonry

As world leaders in using Skuid to optimize employee efficiencies and power up productivity, mblazonry delights their clients with simple and elegant experiences that  shorten the length of time employees need to accomplish each task. This enables them to focus  on other responsibilities while providing to them a system that is highly user friendly. For example, they use Skuid to turbocharge SaaS products like Salesforce and Dynamics 365, among more than a dozen others. mblazonry can connect any enterprise SaaS system into a seamless interactive experience for the user.

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