Pat's Story

Not until midway through high school did Pat find a passion and/or care to be responsible. Starting then he was either performing daredevil stunts on his inline skates or hard at work studying. He excelled at both to make the honours list and get hired as an extreme stunt performer by the Craz-E-Crew in grade 11.

During the next 7 years, Pat toured every summer with Craz-E-Crew across Canada, into the United States a few times and once to Shenzen China.

After graduating high school with Honours, Pat did what everyone does: post-secondary. He chose mechanical engineering at Carleton University. He excelled in the first semester, but had no passion in it.

After taking the next semester to look at his career options, he worked for his father’s company AMS Imaging. During this time he was always the “go-to” for all things computers. This led to the possibility of working in IT.

He found a program at Algonquin College called Information Technology Professional. As the norm, he excelled in the class and was the first to complete all six independently scheduled exams to attain the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer designation. He even completed one exam before the course work was started by studying independently.

After completing the ITP with Honours, Pat resumed work AMS Imaging. For the next 12 years, Pat held the positions of Document Imaging Technician, Network Administrator, Technical Director, Operations Manager and Director of IT as Co-Owner. He was instrumental in the efforts to make AMS Imaging the leading document imaging services provider for the Federal Government of Canada. He played key roles implementing Standard Operating Procedures and new technology aligned to support the business processes.

In early 2011, Pat felt that his personal growth had reached its peak at AMS Imaging. He sold shares in AMS Imaging and looked for opportunities that would allow to build his own company and contribute to his ability to invest into real estate.

Following this logic, Pat tried a couple careers in real estate.

The first was as a mortgage agent. Chasing clients to get paperwork in order really wasn’t his speed.

The second was being an owner of a franchise in Ottawa. Failed miserably. Learned a few things the hard way about market share and marketing. The results had been so dismal for so long, 2 years, that all things seemed impossible.

Having to start from scratch in order to pay the bills, Pat took on odd jobs. First as “Marketing Specialist” in a Costco aisle presenting Leafguard. Next was as a general labourer for a landscaping company for a summer. The last company he worked for was Lucas Contracting.

During the employment with Lucas Contracting, his career path took on a familiar story as AMS Imaging: which was to advance quickly. He started as a general labourer. He moved on to logistical jobs of supplying job sites with materials, dumping refuse at city dump, etc. He then moved into the office for IT requirements, some inside sales and Salesforce administrative tasks. Moved on to Project Manager and Salesforce development. Eventually, he moved into full-time Salesforce development in Skuid. He started a new company to build software with the owner of Lucas Contracting.

This leads to the current chapter of the story. Working in Skuid got the entrepreneur juices flowing again. The possibilities presented by the software were more than just what it could for Salesforce and it’s users. Working with Skuid really fit with the speed Pat likes to progress. The Skuid community offers huge opportunities to learn and contribute. Ever since working with Skuid he spent time in the community asking and answering questions as much as possible. This resulted in a few unexpected benefits:

  1. Referrals to do Skuid development for others.
  2. Being named a Skuid Champion.
  3. Building relationships with like-minded puzzle solvers.

For these reasons, Pat decided to give up position and ownership of the newly-created software company to start his own Salesforce Practice business. Enter mBlazonry.