As world leaders in using Skuid to optimize employee efficiencies and power up productivity, we delight our clients with simple and elegant experiences that shorten the length of time employees need to accomplish each task. This enables them to focus on other responsibilities while providing them a system that is highly user friendly. For example, we can use Skuid to turbocharge SaaS products like Salesforce and Dynamics 365, among more than a dozen others. We can connect any enterprise SaaS system into a seamless interactive experience for the user.


At mblazonry we are passionate about building custom solutions that work for our clients while respecting and protecting their budgets and needs. That maximizes the positive impact on their companies, now and in the future. We are building the best SaaS UX implementation company in the world with the highest concentration of Skuid certified professionals outside of Skuid itself.


Skuid is a revolutionary toolkit that allows you to customize Salesforce to meet the changing needs of your business and accommodate growth. Skuid helps to hasten adoption, increase productivity, and improve profitability. mblazonry connects our clients to the power of this invaluable resource.

For clients who currently have Salesforce and find it is not being optimized, mblazonry can turbo-charge your productivity with Skuid. As experts in Salesforce, and world-wide leaders in Skuid, we can dove-tail the two products to improve productivity and increase profitability.

mblazonry is available to manage a company’s Skuid and Salesforce needs on an on-demand basis. We offer several packages for support tailored to the specific requirements of an organization. Our clients can purchase credits and spend them as required on different levels of service and expertise, ensuring clients don’t pay for a level of skill not required.




We share our professional opinion even if that means it could cost mblazonry potential revenues. We’re honest.


We quickly integrate into your team and its processes. We can come to you.


We practice what we preach, not to be a case of the "Cobbler's Shoes". We’d be proud to show you our own world-class custom system.


mblazonry has been amazing to work with. They are a wonderful resource and are great teachers. Their knowledge of Skuid and Salesforce along with their willingness to go above and beyond set them apart from other developers we have worked with. We will continue to work with mblazonry for many years to come and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any Salesforce project.

Stephen J Scott Abacus Planning Group

Pat has done things with Skuid, on the SFDC platform that are beyond anyone's expectations of doable. Pat's ability to leverage the stability and security of the Salesforce.com platform, coupled with his insightful use of the powerful Skuid UI make him a valued asset to any organization wanting to put their Salesforce.com instance on steroids.

Richard Hall Tees for the People/RAHworks

Pat is a highly-skilled Salesforce.com solution architect and integrator. He has strong passion for Salesforce.com and the customer. I strongly encourage you to reach out to Pat for your next CRM project.

Irvin Waldman Senior Software Architect

“We have been working with mBlazonry for several months now and to say they are good at what they does is an understatement! mblazonry was hired to help us with some UI enhancements in Salesforce. What sets them apart from other developers we've worked with is their ability to look at a problem and not only solve it but to examine future implications and provide a solution that considers future development. We could not be happier with the work of Pat and his team at mBlazonry, and hope to continue to collaborate and supercharge our Salesforce experience with their help.”

Megan Vaughan Operations at Concreate

“We have enjoyed working with Pat for several months now. What started as quick help on some UI enhancements has grown to mBlazonry becoming an integral partner to our success. Most impressive has been his understanding of an industry quite not technology based. This translation problem had plagued us with previous engagements but not the case here. The mBlazonry team has helped us define our goals and take measured steps towards them always with an eye for the dreaded scope creep. While I strongly recommend their team and skills I feel they give us a competitive advantage I hate to share.”

Chad Gill Owner of FieldRecon

“mblazonry jump right into their work and gives it their all. They are truly gifted at learning new things and putting in the extra effort to get the job done.”

Moshe Karmel Developer, Plymouth Rock Energy

“Working with mblazonry has been great. Their technical knowledge and drive to satisfy his clients is impressive. They are is always there to answer my questions and goes the extra mile to complete the task at hand.”

Genevieve Gelok - Allison James Estates & Homes Elite